Reserch Projects

  1. SERB-DST, India

    Design and Experimental Exploration on Phase Change All-Photonic Memory


    Enabling Photonic Platform for Memories With a Phase Change Material

  3. SMILE Grant IITR

    Infrastructural Grant for Chip-to-Chip Communication: RF and Optical on Same Platform

  4. BRICS STI Framework

    Reconfigurable Silicon Photonic Integrated Devices & Circuits

Research Areas

We broadly work in Silicon Photonics.We specially focus on active functionalities using hybrid Silicon Photonics. The examples of our research areas are-

  • Photonic Switches
  • Photonic Memories
  • THz Photonics
  • Integrated Lasers
  • Integrated Photodetector
  • Reconfigurable Photonic Devices
  • Optical Signal Processing

Research Facilities

  • Wide Bandwidth Transceiver Test System
  • High End Computing Facility
  • Silicon Photonic Chips Measurement System
  • Simulation Softwares

    CST Microwave Studio,
    COMSOL Multiphysics and many more...